Company Profile

Since 1997, USTC solutions have been integrated into microprocessor tests, validation processes, and design debugging, and have been deployed to all major development centers in the United States and abroad, including to China, the United Kingdom, Israel, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Jim Kerner organized USTC with a vision to build a world-class team of experts to deal with Moore’s Law: as processor speed increases, power and heat will also increase, and at a certain point, processors cannot continue to operate with increased speeds unless thermals are managed. A unique team of scientists and engineers are organized to focus on research and design, as well as the application of new technologies in thermal management.

USTC has received over 30 U.S.- and foreign-issued patents and pending patent applications on new methods and devices.


USTC has a mission to develop, design and manufacture thermal management and control systems in a wide spectrum of applications based on research and development of next generation micro-parts including heat sinks, radiators, fans, compressors and insulations.

Integrating Science with Application

Jim Kerner has integrated creative thinking with practical product solutions in a wide range of applications with interdisciplinary technologies.  With specialization in Product Design, Stanford University , 1974, Kerner has since incorporated a variety of ingredients for successful USTC product cycles from concept to fruition. To attain a leadership position in the science of thermal management, Kerner has recruited a global team engaged in significant technological advances in heat and mass transfer and fluid dynamics. 

One of the main directions in USTC is focused on cooling systems for dissipating high power energy including thermal management of rack systems and their configurations. The USTC team is augmented by a distinguished group of research specialists with contributions in both academic and commercial enterprise.

The Diverse Experience Range of USTC Team Member Projects

Strategic Milestones


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