USTC Absolute Zero Thermal Grease

Over the decades USTC has used many different types of thermal grease in manufacturing and for testing requirements. In recent years, USTC has used and recommended Arctic Silver® 5 and Arctic Silver® 3 for the interface between a Thermal Head and a processor under test. When we recently compared a variety of greases, a new performance leader was identified for customer applications.

The performance graph below charts the improvement we found. We are not biased towards a brand, we always want to recommend and offer that recommendation to our customers so that performance will never be compromised. To offer the best pricing and availability, we became the exclusive distributor of the Absolute Zero® brand.
Absolute Zero® is exclusively available from USTC using part #53455. It is manufactured by AOS Thermal Compounds, which was formed in 1997 to focus on the development of non-silicone thermal interface materials. It was spun off from the 100-year-old industrial, military and specialty lubricant company American Oil and Supply Company.

Between the greases we tested, the best overall performer and compound with the most user-friendly characteristics was Absolute Zero®. Two important benefits are: pump-out resistance and water cleanup. We recommend Absolute Zero® 53455 for use with USTC Thermal Tools and suggest you consider it for other requirements where thermal grease is needed.

Made in USA

Thermal Conductance > 140,000 W/m²C (0.001” layer)
Thermal Resistance <0.0040°C-in²/W (0.001” layer)
Average Particle Size <0.40 microns
Extended Temperature Limits Peak: -60°C to 180°C Long term: -60°C to 140°C
Performance 5-15 degrees C lower than standard thermal compounds or thermal pads
Coverage Area Standard 12 gram syringe will cover > 40 standard 3cm x 3cm CPU cores attached to a heat sink
Standard 28 gram syringe will cover > 80 standard 3cm x 3cm CPU cores attached to a heat sink
Performance Chart