System Overview

The USTC Passive Cooling System (PCS) is a compact liquid-air heat exchanger designed to work in conjunction with the RITMS. The PCS has two independent channels to allow for nearly silent delivery of thermal fluid to one or two Thermal Heads simultaneously.

User Friendly Design

  • Designed for easy fill, refill, and flush of thermal fluid
  • Front display windows of reservoirs to view fluid level
  • Two independently plumbed channels
  • Small, portable design
  • Low fluid LED warning
  • Nearly silent operation


  • Ideal for hot mode testing
  • Ideal for low power cold mode testing
  • Low pressure system

Power Saving Innovations

  • Efficient cooling design without active refrigeration components
  • Power supports only fans and pumps

Made in USA

Dimensions (”) 12.5 (L) x 17.75 (W) x 10.75 (H)
Dimensions (mm) 317.5 (L) x 450.85 (W) x 273.05 (H)
Power Supply Dimensions(") 6.69(L) x 4.72(W) x 3.66(H)
Weight 32.5 lbs. (14.8 kg)
Thermal Head Configuration 2 Channel
Compatible Control System USTC RITMS
Front Panel Indicators Low fluid level LED
Max Cooling Performance 2 x 1200W @ 30ºC ΔT (54ºF ΔT)
Pump 2.2gpm @ 0psi, 0gpm @ 6.5psi
Pump Motor 4 x 18W
Reservoir 2 x 0.10 gallons
Fluid Propylene Glycol base
Power Cord 5’ (1.5 m)
Recommended Ambient Temperature 68ºF (20ºC)
Operational Ambient Temperature 32ºF to 95ºF (0ºC to 35ºC)
Audible Noise 47dB-A