System Overview

The Thermal Control System (TCS) is a legacy controller tool. It is the hub positioned at the center of a USTC Thermal Tool™ system. It integrates a configuration of power supplies, control boards, electronics and a digital controller for each Thermal Head (TH) in one convenient enclosure. Each TH is attached to a controller via a channel connector. Custom designs can be configured up to four individual channels. A typical TCS™ has two-to-four controllers installed on the TCS™ face panel. The LCD displays the temperature setting of each connected TH. A temperature setting is manually selected at the controller level, or each controller is interactive with a host computer and appropriate software. Each TH is individually controlled according to the test mode employed.


The TCS™ is a special order product with specifications that vary depending upon each customer’s required configuration. Contact USTC for more information.

Made in USA