USTC Thermal Head Overview
Thermal Heads

The Thermal Head (TH) together with a proprietary USTC controller are used to actively manage the DUT (Device Under Test, predominantly processors) thermals and is specifically designed to meet cold mode, hot mode or thermal cycling test requirements.

Every TH model has unique PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) parameters programmed by the controller for optimal performance.

The standard TH consists of a heat sink, a TEM (Thermoelectric Module) and a heat spreader.

A TH is comes in two types: a liquid cooled and an air cooled. The liquid cooled TH can be applied jointly with a USTC controller having a liquid coolant circuit or a chiller; the air cooled TH is self-sufficient, contains a built-in fan and can be applied as a stand-alone thermal control system.

The performance of the USTC Thermal Head™ is enhanced by interlocking longitudinal axis, opposing jet technology. The advantages of this new technology are:

  • The lowest thermal resistance in the industry with performance to 4°C per 100W
  • The highest Critical Heat Flux approaching1200W/cm2
  • The structure to suppress processor hot spots for ultra-efficiency

All USTC Heat Sinks are covered by issued U.S. patents or patents pending.

Made in USA